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“Can I Increase My Payment?” It was a miserable, cold winter's day as I stood at the crossroads. I was determined to make one more call, but which house? Then a voice came through the misty rain: “No circulars in my box, please.” Just the clue 1 needed, I thought as I headed toward the voice. A window opened from the house in front of me. “What do you want?” asked the voice. So I introduced myself, at which point the lady asked, “Aren't you afraid of catching pneumonia out there in the rain?”

“I'm waiting for you to ask me in,” I replied. “OK, come in,” she said, opening the door. “But, I've got no money to buy whatever you're selling.” “That's OK,” I replied, as I began the demonstration.

Grace's interest, however, continued to increase. “We're newly converted Christians,” she confided, “I'd love that Bible, but we've no spare money at all.” “It could be yours for only a dollar a day,” I suggested. “Oh, all right,” she said, “but I don't know where the money will come from.”

“What do you think of this idea?” I asked. “You are obviously a heavy smoker, so if you give away your smokes and spend the money on our books, you will enjoy better health and still have more money.”

“Oh, my husband and I could never stop smoking,” she said. “However, you may be able to help us. John is starting to get a tingling feeling in his hands, what would cause that?” “I am not a doctor,” I replied, “but this is not good, and possibly caused by nicotine restricting the arteries. He must stop smoking, not next month or next week, but NOW!” “OK,” she said, “can I increase my payment from $30 to $50?” She then purchased $1300 worth of books. Grace's payment began straight away. - Harold Dassler, New Zealand

Recommended reading: Read the origin of Babylon and Sunday Sabbath and paganism in Christianity to understand why scripture calls the Papal Church Babylon. And then reading why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday will make perfect sense and that Satan was behind the change. What is the beasts number contains fascinating information on 666 originating from Babylon and why this number now relates to a man in the Papal Church. The seven year tribulation reveals how this time period came from an abused prophecy and gives the truth on the second coming. [d-prophecy]